3fe Brew Class 101

This informal class is a fun and friendly introduction to tasting and brewing coffee. Aimed at the average coffee drinker who wants to know more about what they’re drinking and how to make a delicious cup at home. The class covers everything from farm to cup and how all of this in turn effects the final cup that you drink. The class is quite hands on, with an introduction to a number of different brewing methods, tips and tricks for getting the best out of your brew, step-by-step guides and demonstrations, as well as a chance to try a variety of coffees from around the world.

Classes run in slots, 10am - 12pm & 2pm - 4pm.


Additional Information

Learning how to brew your own coffee is an incredibly rewarding experience. If you’re looking to break into the coffee industry, or just want to make exceptional coffee at home, we’ve got you covered. Classes are held in our designated training room, located at 3fe, 7 Sussex Terrace, Dublin 4, which is kitted out with everything from the humble French press to state of the art professional espresso machines.

For questions, pop an email to classes@3fe.com