3fe Barista Basics 101

New to the Coffee world or looking to sharpen your skills, in 3fe Barista Basics 101 we cover everything from coffee theory to pulling the perfect espresso. This class is a great way to build on your stats as a barista and broaden your knowledge on coffee from seedling to cup!

Classes run from 11am - 3pm with a 30 minute break in the middle.

Complimentary lunch is provided.


Additional Information

Take a deep dive into the exciting world of speciality coffee. In this class we cover everything from what coffee is, who grows it and what determines it's profile to espresso recipe and barista skills. This class is hugely beneficial for those who want to venture into the coffee industry or those already in, who are looking to expand their knowledge and practical skills. Classes are held in our designated training room, located at 3fe, 7 Sussex Terrace, Dublin 4, which is kitted out with everything from the humble French press to state of the art professional espresso machines.

Or for questions, pop an email to classes@3fe.com